Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Snow

Little flakes are still drifting down from the puffy white heavens today. Lots of snow and ice. Yesterday was nice and white, but with a blinding sun too! Kept the roads dry though, which was great. I had 4 hours of driving ahead of me yesterday and only a 2-wheel drive sleigh to get me to all my destinations. Oof! Worked out just fine though. My first appointment yesterday drew me South just short of Hamilton to visit a favorite subject from last year. Approaching their house, I had to go through the "equine gauntlet" as horses from both sides of the road wandered over and leaned on the barbed wire fence, looking at me intently. I wonder what they were thinking! I was sliding a bit along this stretch of road, so they probably thought I was just a bad driver about to ruin their fence! I left that residence and passed by the horse gazes once more on my way back North. Shot through town and continued up to Seeley Lake. I'm less familiar with this road, so it gives me more to look at, and more corners to zip around. The lakes were thick with ice out there, with fisherman crossing their frozen fingers. I was glad to be in my warm car. My appointment went well and I was back on the road in no time. Got home to enjoy some time with sister and boyfriend. This week makes me swoon, because it is Forester's Ball week at the University, and that is where I was reunited with my now-boyfriend. I stood on a sidewalk last year on "Boondocker's Day" watching people throw axes at a stump. Then a familiar face stepped up to the plate to try his luck. It turned out to be my favorite swing dance partner from a semester or so before. I watched him swing and then greeted him with a simple "hello, and how have you been?" After we parted ways, I hoped dearly I'd run into him at the Ball that weekend. Well, I certainly did, and after a dance and an exchange of numbers, the rest was history. The Forester's Ball will always make me smile now. :) We have a date for the Ball this year on Saturday and it will be so much fun! I can't wait to don Carhartts and Flannel and go for a spin or two on the dance floor. I love this event! I'm always curious to see who else I'll run into there. I've talked a few freshman into going as well. This will be my 6th Ball, and I always try to get new faces to go. It's a very unique experience! Well, back to the coffee and work I go. I have 3 appointments in Seeley this evening so I have to get crackin'! Hopefully I can make enough progress to take time for lunch with my Mom. :)

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  1. Ahhh, the Forester's Ball. I have fond memories of that event too. Odd to think of my daughter going to it and doing the same things I did. Yikes! Are you going to get "married"? Do you still have to give a kiss for a drink? I remember cross country skiing all day long with your Dad and then we decided to go at the last minute. I had my overalls and flannel on and it was a blast. Such a great Montana tradition. And if I remember correctly, I still have my "marriage certificate and ring".....LOL LYS


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