Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ocean Dreaming

I am yearning for the coast this morning. My Pandora station is tuned to David Lanz, and the piano music is drifting heavily over my desk. Outside the window, past the brick, it's cold and snowy and dry. In my mind though I'm cruising down the coastal highway, high above the beaches, with a bird's eye view of the endless waves beyond. The Oregon coast, specifically, is where I'm at. Or, would like to be. Having gone there most years of my childhood, the coast evokes the best emotions out of me. That place tugs at my heart all year. And I haven't seen the sea in awhile now. I wonder if she misses me as much as I miss her. I was talking about the adventure of getting there the other day to my sweetie. With hand gestures and an excited face I explained entering the Van Doozer corridor, and the sweet smells that you must roll down the windows for. The cool breezes which are so welcome after an otherwise hot journey. Coming over the hill to Lincoln City screaming "I see the sea!" And then finding the nearest beach, running out of the car, past the seagulls and down to the sand, just to get a feel for it. And you smile. The entire time, you smile. On the drive, on the sand, looking at her from the window. Even in a downpour. Even when your clothes won't dry and you're salty and sticky. It's the ocean, and the west coast, and there isn't anywhere else such a magical place. I am so very tiny there. And I love it. The ocean feels like an immensely warm spirit, and the coast envelopes me completely when I'm there. That spirit sneaks in under your layers as a cool wind, and kisses your face with salt, and ruffles your hair, and sits on your shoulders and covers you constantly. Weather it be with sand, or stars, or warmth because you found your happy place. It's one of the best hugs you can get. And I could use one of them right about now. :)


  1. Oooo, I want to go too! Oregon is such a part of our lives isn't it? I bet you and D will go there in the future. With the snow falling right now, it would be nice to be walking on a beach. Love your new blog look. LYS.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you liked it. =)

  3. Very Springy! I love your descriptions of the steps we go thru to reach the coast. What about driving thru Portland? Backing into the camping spot in the RV? Walking thru the campground to the sea in the dark?....LOL LYS


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