Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Productive Sunday

What a weekend! Now I'm comfy on my couch watching the Jets and the Colts. Like my mom, I'm not too picky about who wins this one. I'm all for the Vikings later though! My man's favorite player is Favre, and he's extremely excited for today's game. My gift to him for Christmas was a Favre Viking's Jersey so he'll be wearing that with pride! Yesterday I got to enjoy some quality time with my mom. I was happy to make her some fancy coffee with my Keurig and then we went shopping. It was great to chat and look at pretties in the stores. I lucked out with some great scrapbook supplies that I'm looking forward to using soon. I bought an electric blanket, finally, and had one heavenly night under it! I should have done that a long time ago! I got a new Valentine's shower curtain too which made me smile numerous times today while shampooing my hair! I absolutely love themed shower curtains, and I'm not sure why. It's become a bit of a silly obsession. At least my bathroom is festive! I put some Valentine's Day window stickies up today too. I'm a little early, but I just couldn't wait any longer. I love this fluffy holiday. My sister's cat watched me curiously as I put them on the window she was sitting in front of. I don't think she quite understands. :) My cat, today, has been sweet and very photogenic. :) Mind, you this is rare. Well, at least the "sweet" part! She always likes the camera!

The rest of my day so far has included breakfast at Perkins (yummy!) and then cleaning the house. Feels good to get it done. Lots of little things to do, and I have a some stuff to hang on the walls before they day ends. After our trip to Peru, I printed off some pictures from the trip and framed them. I've been needing to hang them. I found some old shelves of mine recently that I'm going to put in the living room. They have scroll-like supports that double as hooks. I am excited to put our Peru photos on the shelves and hang from the hooks our ice-axes and crampons. It will be our mountaineering wall! Ok, it's half-time, so time to get to work!

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  1. Enjoy the Vikings game! I am having a great time today just watching and getting lots of stuff done. Daddy brought home dinner (I had a Mac Attack!...LOL)and now I have to finish my menu for February. Enjoy your day, your guy and your cat.LYS.


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