Friday, February 5, 2010

Fabulous Friday

What a difference a day makes! It has been a lovely Friday, and the lift of the mini storm cloud that's been dribbling on my head let me see some of the fun things that happened all week. For example, two days ago at my bus stop was a snowman. Not just any snowman though, he was adorned with chest hair, a mustache, and a balding head. Totally hilarious! The next day at the same bus stop I waited with about 7 kids, all around age 4 on some kind of pre-school trip. They were adorable, and in keeping themselves amused they waved at EVERY car that went by and each time screamed "BUS! BUS?!" and then giggled. What was great was watching all these young college guys drive by, sheepishly waving. Ha ha! They were good sports. Today's driving was delightful, for I had no set appointments. I could get to people's houses 'whenever' so I just cruised and enjoyed the East side highway again. Got caught in a "hay"ricane today as I followed a truck loaded so high with hay, and going mach speeds down the road! He must have been in a Hay-ry! I mean hurry. :D Another truck was loaded high with wood chips and sawdust. You woulda thought he'd tarp his load, but instead he let the wind send wood chips spinning out of his truck, all over the road. There were little pieces of wood stuck in the weeds all over the place for miles. What a mess!
Today I was also able to snag lunch with my sis, and enjoy some chocolate/raspberry cake. It was a nice surprise in the middle of the afternoon. Mmmm! All went well today indeed and now it's about time for bed. My man took me to dinner this eve and he just now left to get in his first night of the Forester's Ball. Yep, he's going twice. I told him to be good and not marry anyone else. :) I am exhausted! No "party" left in me. I drove 650 miles this week! Time to rest my eyes. The fun can start tomorrow, after I've rested. Until then, Good Night! Zzzzzz

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  1. LOL!! Love the Hay-ry comments. So funny! Glad you got some time with J. I bet you are excited about tonight. I wonder how D.'s first night there was. Do tell. Your story about the little kids, reminds me of the college students who have the sign, Honk and we will drink." Funny, tho probably not the best thing to be doing....LOL Have fun tonight!


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