Thursday, February 4, 2010

No fun!

Oh my, what a 'blah blah' day. Started late for work, got a virus on the company comp, had little to do spread out across hours. No lunch and wet shoes. Quite the case of the blues! Moody and cranky and nervous and sad. I've never wanted a road trip so bad! My trip to Seeley was late in the evening, with traffic and fog and a car chasing dog. But my visit went well. Ahhh, what a nice family. And the clearest blackest sky I've seen in awhile on the way back. Stars everywhere. Bright and twinkly, and recognizable. Familiar, though distant, faces on a lonely day. Wow, it's time to hit the hay. Now home, I am wiggling my toes on the sofa waiting for my man, and a much needed hug before bed. I am so glad tomorrow is Friday! I've had quite enough. This week has been rough. I wish myself a better day tomorrow! Zzzzz....


  1. Hope your day today is a better one and that you have a great weekend.


  2. Ahhh, my little one, hard to have a rough patch. But today proved to better right? Looking forward to seeing you and the DMan on Sunday. I bought cupcakes with football on them! Yum!


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