Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What a Mess!

What a day was had yesterday! Am I ever thankful to be back in one piece! It all started when I requested a 4X4 vehicle to go to Seeley this week. They let me down Monday, but promised a humongous Expedition for the rest of the week. I got a call yesterday morning, however, and they told me they thought something was wrong with the Expedition. I told them to just let me know what they could do for me before 2:30. I needed to leave town by 3. Well, at 2:30 I'm waiting in the depot to pick up my monstrosity of a car, and I get a call instead saying I can't have it. But I can have my 2 wheel drive car from Monday back. Ugh! Ok, fine, but I need it ASAP! I didn't get the car until 3. I drove back to the lab, and told all my lab mates to help me load up as fast as possible. Packed it all in, and took off for Seeley. It was snowing and I could only imagine what it was like by the lake. Oofta! Well, as I entered the highway, I kept reminding myself not to hurry. My homeowners would understand if I was late, and it wasn't worth hurting me or the car to rush. So I tried to be calm and just cruise. It was hard for me to hold back though. Here's another story real quick: I was talking to my mom the other day about bad drivers, and slow drivers, and that we both feel that when you're behind someone doing 45 mph in a 70 mph zone for example, and you get to your destination 5 minutes late, well, maybe it was a good thing. Maybe by having to go slow, and arriving late, you missed out on being in a crash, or you didn't hit the deer, etc. I try to envision that little old man in the car ahead of me going 45 as a very frustrated angel doing this for my own good. I try not to get so mad. And remember that everything happens for a reason. Well, yesterday heading to Seeley, I'm trying not to hurry in the snow when I come around a corner and find myself at the end of a line of 4 cars, behind a school bus. The bus had its lights flashing and was dropping kids off every so many hundred feet on the road. We were crawling! But I smiled, and realized, I'd found my angel. Driving a bus. I had no way to pass him, so I just hung back and chilled until he finally pulled off the road. By then the snow had stopped falling and the roads were dry. :) Looks like he knew what he was doing. After that the trip wasn't so bad, and the weather was nice. I had to cancel one appointment (I couldn't make it to their house in my 2 wheel!) but the other visits went well. I was caught with an hour and half to kill between them though that I happily filled with one long phone call to my mom and dad! It passed the time between visits. I got quite the treat on the last visit too! On a back road near Seeley, out on snow and ice I turned onto a road and only a couple hundred feet ahead, in a full run, a bull elk went racing across a field, across the road, and over to the trees on the other side. I just sat there and stared! It was so majestic! Later on down the road I was met by a car coming up the other way. They waved at me to stop and I realized it was my homeowner I was going to see! She said that there was 4 bull elk around and she wanted to show her kids. I directed them to where they were and she said she'd be back at the house ASAP. Ha ha! I'm so glad she and the kids got to go see them. I've never seen such big elk before! What a day. Drove home in a fog so thick you couldn't see more than a car's length in front of ya, but it went fine and I got home safe and sound. Ah, the adventures on the road. Whew! We'll see what's in store for today's journey. :)

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  1. That a girl! Nice heeding your angel. Your Grandma Weiler is gonna get mighty mad if you don't! Glad you trip went well and you made it home. Loved chatting with you, and Dad loved it too. He misses you! LYS.


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