Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Small Adventure West

Sunday afternoon found me eager for coffee and my best friend. She was heading over to pick me up to start our mini two day adventure! We cruised past the Starbucks window, grabbed me a raspberry mocha, and sped out of town, heading toward the bigger city of Spokane. We were heading to the Rock & Worship Roadshow. What amused me most about the drive was how much we had to talk about. I speak with this lady every single day. But you put us in a car for 3 hours, and we still have things to talk about! New, interesting, exciting, thought provoking things to talk about! The hours flew by along with the miles and before we knew it we were approaching the hotel. Mind you, we were on the wrong street and couldn't make a left. I shook my head at our incorrect Google Map. Damn one-ways! Once we were settled in though, primped, polished, lookin' fancy, we headed out to find our venue. Seemed wise to locate the building before we went and had dinner. Good idea! It took us an hour of driving in circles to get there, requiring the help of my poor boyfriend over the phone. Thank goodness he could help us! Why did we have so much trouble in the first place? Google Maps!!! Oy! Never again! Well, all that driving chewed up our dinner time so we stuffed Taco Bell down our throats before waiting in line in the rain. We looked so silly! Thank goodness she carries an umbrella in the car! Well, the venue was cash only, to our surprise, so I had to run through the crowd, down the stairs, across the street to the nearest bank ATM. I was not the only nervous, rain-soaked, panting individual there. Ha ha! Once we paid the nice man to get in, we found seats and got comfortable. The whole Christian live music thing is a new one for me. I noticed some interesting things about the gathering crowd: they all smelled like good cologne, they were kind, no pushing, they wouldn't block your view when they passed you, they apologized if they bumped you, and they all could sing. Every time we were asked to lift our voices, and everyone did, it was very beautiful. Must be all the church choir practice! I had a great time, and an interesting one with a crowd of people different than I am usually found with. My buddy and I clapped our hands and sang the words and enjoyed a wonderful show. With souvenirs in hand we crept back to the hotel, tired. That rounded out our Sunday, but Monday was just as fun with a trip to downtown Spokane for some shopping (both real and window only). We gathered some goodies and escaped sudden pours of rain, running and giggling with catalogs as umbrellas held over our heads. Lots of great memories made! Back in the car home, we navigated the rain-soaked highway home, still talking for all 3 hours. It was a wonderful escape from our normal lives, and I couldn't think of someone better to spend it with! Thanks Jenn!


  1. I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather have spent my weekend with, it was SO fun!!! I heart you SO much!!!

  2. So nice your weekend was a success! Rock on lady! I am so glad you have B to enjoy these trips with. :) LYS.


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