Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Mitten Kind of Morning

Brrr! Snow yesterday, and much frost today. The temperature gauge on the side of the house shivered at some temp between 20 and 30. I was still eager to ride my bike and get some fresh air, so I packed on a few more layers than normal and headed East. My hands were covered in my bright red, Vancouver Olympic mittens that make me grin when I wear them. I arrived to work quickly, with pink cheeks and a smile. The morning bike rides are not very long, but they wake me up like no cup of coffee can. (Especially when it's below freezing out!) If I leave early enough I run into few others on the roads. The sun is always just starting to pull itself up over the mountains and the air smells so good. Winter mornings find me curled under blankets, resisting the cold that will descend on me if I were to get up and go to work. But Spring mornings are full of spirit and hope for the new day. I have been looking forward to the earlier hours, even if they are a bit chilly, because they bloom into such beautiful days. And at work, I have tulips blooming! A gift from my mother, now that my lilies have wilted, I have 4 eager tulip buds that look like they may choose today to unravel their tucked petals. I look forward to their little faces in my window. Now back to the coffee and computer work I go. I hope you all are enjoying the Spring so far and the start of April!


  1. It's the dawn of Spring in MT!!! Still cool and crisp some mornings! I'm glad you still enjoy your bike rides to work, soon enough you will be quiet warm with fewer layers!!!

  2. Oooo, your tulips are looking great! Those pots of flowers were just lovely weren't they? I am loving your new profile picture too. Flowers and more flowers! What could be nicer?LYS


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