Friday, September 24, 2010

Photo Challenge: Age

Friday is upon us! And that means it's photo challenge time! This week's theme from RAZMATAZ was Age. I chose to photograph an antique of mine. Hanging off a shelf in my living room is this pair of old crampons. We aren't sure their exact year, but they were made in West Germany if that gives you a clue. :) Hanging next to them is a photograph of my favorite mountain in Peru that we hiked around last summer. Thankfully the crampons we used during that mountaineering adventure were from the 21st century. There are huge leaps and bounds made every year in the world of mountaineering gear, but I always enjoy looking at what they used back in the day, whether it was 10 or 100 years ago. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Fabulous, I like the grouping of the photo with the crampons, very cool. Wishing you a wonderful weekend too!, Tamara x

  2. What a gorgeous mountain, and how fun that you hiked up it!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Wow! Great shot & how amazing to have had the opportunity to hike in Peru!!!

    Happy weekend to you,

  4. I love it, I remember when you were gone on that trip! You had such an adventure, I too am glad you used a bit newer equpiment though!!! <3

  5. You are a very adventurous girl!I bet the view from the top of that mountain was incredible. What an awesome memory for you and hubs! :)

    Sorry I had no idea what the crampons were. :) Clearly they are for climbing? Very cool!


  6. I had no clue what a crampon was. I can be taught. Peru must have been wonderful. ♥O

  7. Thanks for all the great comments! Crampons are the spikes strapped on to the bottom of boots for walking on snow and glaciers. :) They're really fun and allow you to be able to climb vertical ice surfaces!

  8. There is not a chair below this display is there? I think I would be a mite nervous if that was my seat. hehe : 0

  9. That mountain looks awesome and I would be sooo scared to climb it.
    I am glad you used the new crampons, although being German born and raised, I would think they would have held up!
    Did you ever hike the Alps?
    Enjoy the memories,

  10. Until today I did not know that the spikey things on the boots of climbers were called crampons! Everyday I learn something new. And you climbed that mountain! How incredible!

  11. I had no idea what they were called. I love your photo and the way you combined the photo with the crampons on the wall.

  12. Thanks for the crampon lesson AND the follow!! I thought your display very clever!

    btw...I'd love the recipe for that balck chocolate cake too! Have a great weekend...

  13. You must be one adventurous spirit! Thanks for visiting me and for the sweet comments you leave. I appreciate that!

    ps. I didn't know what they were either. You have enlightened many of us with this post!

  14. Wonderful interpretation of a theme, well done!


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