Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things I'm Loving Right Now

The sun is shining through the screen door, the cats are lounging in the warmth and I have been gleefully doing some spring cleaning. A lazy lunch with the sister and an easy evening ahead. We may get more snow yet (that's MT for ya) but I am reveling in the Spring that is today. I look forward to flowers blooming, gardening, painting and fixing up the house. Ahhh. :) So, I thought I'd do another addition of Things I'm Loving Right Now!

1. Fancy shoes. Warm weather = no snow or ice which = stiletto season! I'm excited to give my shoes some exercise out there!

2. Flowy, feminine fabrics. I am in love with romantic clothes and delicate details. (Like my purple and pink flouncy top. Nothing looks better with dark denim and heels!)

3. Flowers! My coworkers sent me beautiful white and pink tulips as a Get Well Soon gift this week. I smell them every time I walk by. I planted tulip bulbs last fall for the first time and am soooo excited to see them sprout!

4. Magazines! I love a good magazine and I adore House Beautiful. Today's newest edition flew itself into my mailbox and I am looking forward to flipping through the glossy pages. I love how inspired I get to work on my own home, and I love to learn how others decorate and celebrate the seasons.

How girly my list is this time around! I think now that my face is less swollen from surgery, and I'm feeling human again I want to feel pretty and lady-like again. Too many days of messy hair and pajamas will do that to a girl. :) And as much as I like snow and winter, the multiple layers, dry air and lack of sun has made me weary inside and out. :) What are you folks loving right now?

(shoe pic courtesy of Badgley Mischka)


  1. Hi E Charlotte... love your list of favorites... I think mine would be close to the same, except for the stilettos!... my bad knee won't let me wear those any more... but your blouse sounds beautiful and I love romantic blouses too, with a pair of jeans of course!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Hi, good to hear that you are recovering well from your dental surgery. Isn't spring the most wonderful time of year? Tam x

  3. Oh of course your wanting pretty and fancy and springy after all that you've been through with your poor mouth...not to mention the snow! I'm so sorry things have been so yucky and hope that your mouth is feeling much better.
    Keep your eyes on those pretty things because pretty does help!
    xo J~

  4. Love love that pict you took of your tulips. So very pretty! Hope we have some more Springy days this week, and at least if it does snow, it won't last long now. :) LYS

  5. I also love fresh flowers and adorable shoes:) Hope you are having a great Monday, kisses


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