Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Challenge: White

It's Friday so another photo challenge is upon us from RAZMATAZ. This week's theme was White. I enjoyed wandering the house and looking for white in all of its different shades. Things change so much as the light changes, the sun sweeps through the windows, and dusk comes in. I ended up most fascinated with the clean bones of this deer skull my sister owns. We have it hung in the living room. I like its juxtaposition with some of our more elegant pieces. It adds a modern Montana feel with my other white and black accents.


  1. Great shot! So Montana. And I love the header with your tulips. Pretty. LYS

  2. I have a thing lately for antlers and skulls as they are scultpural but natural.

    I love the way the light moves through this piece.


  3. The skull looks amazing, with the shadows and highlights of light and the amazing texture on the antler. Love the Charles Dickens quotation, by the way - it is so, so, so true.


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