Friday, March 18, 2011

A Relaxed St. Patrick's Day

Some of my St. Pats goodies from my Mom, socks, stickers, drinking money!

I hope you all had a great Thursday yesterday, especially if you were decked in green and celebrating the Luck O' the Irish! As my mother talks about in her latest blog post, we discovered Irish ancestors! So this year I felt that I could officially celebrate the holiday. I'm authentically Irish! I wore my shamrock socks, my green shirt and vintage dark green beads around my neck. I painted my nails lime and wore my most emerald-y jewelry. After work I went home to curl my hair and put it up in green ribbons. I was ready to go! I joined a coworker of mine (also quite Irish) and we met up with 12 of her friends at one of our favorite watering holes. Irish Car Bombs were chugged, stew was eaten with delight, and we listened gaily to the tune of an Irish fiddle band. At the beginning of the night we had big ideas to crawl to bars and dance some jigs, but the week (and maybe our age) caught up to us and we kept it simple. I was actually pretty excited to walk home at 10pm! I then snuggled in with the cats for a slumber with visions of shamrocks dancing in my head. :)

Drinks! Friends getting ready for the Car Bombs. :)


  1. Hello E Charlotte... what a wonderful time you must have had!... I would love to see you with the green ribbons in your hair and your green jewelry!... and how exciting to find out you are part Irish!... Jack is Irish, so we celebrated big too!... wishing you a most beautiful Spring day today... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I am so glad you got to go out and party. We stayed in with our corned beef and cabbage. And it was yummy! Have a great weekend! LYS

  3. Sounds like a fun night--but I'm with you; I can't hang as long as I could when I was in college, haha!


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