Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Colors of Spring

I can finally see the pattern I used for my tulips last fall. Tall and light, alternating with short and dark purple. I didn't pay too close attention to the types I was planting, just tried to keep the colors separated. Now that enough of them have bloomed, it has become apparent. I recently obtained a tea rose from my mother. It is a Mister Lincoln variety and is my all time favorite. The scent is as close to heaven as you can get. And the bloom is classic red. Now to decide where in the yard it will go. Our lilacs, that line both sides of the yard are about to open. Another lovely scent, though a plant that makes me sneeze. I can't stop smiling now that the days are warmer, the trees are greener, and the rains are bringing more and more life to Montana. Here's to Spring!


  1. I love Spring, it's my favorite time of year. Your photos a just lovely. Have a wonderful week!


  2. I love your tulips! They make me smile. The rain tonight is nice, smells so good. LYS

  3. Lovely! I'm not too sure about the 'pattern' I put in rather thoughtlessly when planting last autumn. I'm just hoping that in a few years' time they'll be a sort of natural jumble as they spread! It sounds like you have a betetr plan...

  4. Your tulips are very beautiful. Really pretty pics too:-). XX


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