Monday, June 20, 2011

A Fantastic Father's Day!

Us girls and our dad!

My Dad rocks! Ever since I was born I knew this man was extra special. He had such an active part in our growing up. Him and my Mom made the best team. I couldn't be luckier with my parents! Yesterday we took Dad out to dinner and then showered him with fun gifts. We ate cake and reminisced about growing up and all the great memories we had with him. It was a lovely Sunday! Spent with the most amazing Father!

What we're REALLY like. (And I'm not really punching him, I swear) LOL


  1. You guys are soooo crazy with your kookie pictures. I love it! He sure had a great time yesterday. Lots of misty eyes for him. LYS

  2. You are truly blessed, all of you.



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