Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Got Implants!

Did I confuse you with the title?? :) On Monday this week I went to my cosmetic surgeon and got the tiniest implants you've every my jaw. Yep, no new boobies here, just dental implants. If you remember, I've experienced my share of dental drama over the years, which I wrote about here and here. Oy!

Well, the next step, and next surgery in line were dental implants. At the moment I'm not throwing up, curled in pain or drooling so I thought I'd post a blog. :) My mom whisked me away earlier for a short drive and some food and it worked wonders.

What would I do without Nurse Mom??? She takes such good care of me when I go in for these procedures. And never fails to tell me what I'm like post-surgery (weeping and wailing and making no sense!)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to work and feeling good. For now I'm still nursing the golf-ball lump in my right cheek and downing antibiotics like nobody's business. Sure has made for an interesting week!

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  1. LOL!! You do look a bit surly in that photo for sure. Glad the swelling has gone down and you are feeling better. I love telling you about the "antics of E" right out of surgery, cause it makes you laugh! And we all need a laugh when we are hurting. :) LYS Nurse Mommy


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